<script language="JavaScript1.2">

var message="به وبلاگ من خوش امدید قدم رنجه فرمودید راستی نظر یادت نره اااا " //specifys the title
var message=message+" " //gives a pause at the end,1 space=1 speed unit, here I used 10 spaces@150 each = 1.5seconds.
i="0" //declares the variable and sets it to start at 0
var temptitle="" //declares the variable and sets it to have no value yet.
var speed="150" //the delay in milliseconds between letters

function titler(){
if (!document.all&&!document.getElementById)
document.title=temptitle+message.charAt(i) //sets the initial title
temptitle=temptitle+message.charAt(i) //increases the title by one letter
i++ //increments the counter
if(i==message.length) //determines the end of the message
i="0" //resets the counter at the end of the message
temptitle="" //resets the title to a blank value
setTimeout("titler()",speed) //Restarts. Remove line for no-repeat.

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